Did iraq steal gold from kuwait?

The team will visit both countries this week to begin the process of returning the loot as demanded by the UN, N. Officials have been silent on the case. And ordinary Iraqis, fascinated by the history of gold trucks, have generated a series of contradictory rumors. Some say that the loot is Kuwaiti gold seized during the 1990 Iraqi invasion, while others insist that it is a treasure drawn from thousands of Baath Party safes looted in Baghdad.

Iraqi troops looted hundreds of millions of dollars worth of government and private property following the August Security Council agreement demanding the return of all stolen goods. Some items, such as gold and coins, have been fully accounted for. In Baghdad, Iraqi newspapers expressed outrage on Saturday over UN resolutions, which ease trade sanctions but keep oil revenues out of Iraq's reach. Diplomats said Iraq has no choice but to comply with Thursday's resolutions.

This site no longer supports your current browser. Use a modern and updated browser version for the best experience. All those photos of American soldiers holding Iraqi gold bars are genuine, but they only show them taking pictures with the gold they seized in Iraq. The conspiracy theory is still circulating, stating that the United States stole Iraqi gold and oil, specifically $20 TRILLION in gold and $30 TRILLION in oil.